R.A.Swetman homepage

Welcome to R.A.Swetman's site.

Here you will find a collection of programs (old and new) suitable for Risc OS machines only.
They work on both Risc PC and ARMX6 machines (with one exception).

They are stored as 'Zip' files.
After downloading you will need to 'unzip' them, using !SparkPlug or similar.

You may find a problem running unzipped files from a RAM disc - the simple remedy is
to copy the files elsewhere before running them.

The software is divided into 8 sections : -

  Audio, Basic, Desktop, Fontutils, Graphics, Mandelbrots, Maths, Utils.


DOWNLOADS - just click on the icon to start the download ....



 !ConvToWav _______   ConvToWav

This is a front end for the 'TimAbs' application.
It converts Tracker files, DigitalSymphony files etc to WAV files.

 !EditFLAC _______   EditFLAC

This is basically a front end for the enclosed 'flac' application which will convert
a WAV file to FLAC format. This achieves a compression to about 40% but more
importantly it is a lossless music format. It is playable by !DigitalCD.
The program also provides some simple time editing for the beginning and end of the
file (similar to !EditMP3).

 !EditMP3 _______   EditMP3

Suppose you have an MP3 file which has a long-winded spoken introduction and ends
with some prolonged applause. It may also be too quiet/too loud. You may wish to edit
out the introduction and/or the ending and also alter the overall volume.
This is exactly what !EditMP3 enables you to do.
It then converts the MP3 to WAV, using the enclosed 'madplay' application.

 !Fanfare+ _______   Fanfare

Just drag a 'Sound' module to the iconbar-icon of !Fanfare to hear the sound.
You can alter the volume and pitch.
It also displays the corresponding SOUND parameters.

 !Harmonium _______   Harmonium

This turns your computer keyboard into a Piano/Harmonium!
There are many options available and a choice of 'Voices'.

 !HiFi-Wave _______   HiFi-Wave

!HiFi-Wave will make the stereo position of musical tracks (such as Digital-Symphony,
Trackers etc) oscillate to and fro from left to right, making a kind of stereo wave.
It is quite happy with 2,4 or 8 channel music.
It works only on a Risc PC.

 !MadPlay+ _______   MadPlay

This is a front end for the 'madplay' application, which can convert an MP3 file to a WAV file.
It has the facility of being able to force the WAV frequency to 44100Hz, as required for CDBurn.

 !MP3WAV _______   MP3WAV

This is a front end for the 'MP3Abs' application, which converts an MP3 file to a WAV file.

 !MultiAudio _______   MultiAudio

This program will convert a group of Audio files to a different format. The 6 options are-
(1) MP3 to WAV, (2) MP3 to FLAC, (3) WAV to FLAC, (4) FLAC to WAV,
(5) WAV/CD-RAW to MP3, (6) RAW to WAV.
It uses the enclosed 'madplay', 'flac' or 'shine' applications to do all the hard work.
A progress counter displays the current status of the conversion.

 !RipAudio _______   RipAudio

This extracts (rips) tracks off audio CDs and converts them to either
RAW/CDTrack,WAV,FLACorMP3 (via Shine or Lame) files.
It can rip a single track and save it as a single file
ORa range of tracks and each one is saved separately.

 !RipCD _______   RipCD

This is a front end for Chris Johnson's 'cjrip' application, which extracts (rips) tracks off audio
CDs and converts them to WAV files. It can convert single tracks or a whole range of tracks.

 !RipCDpara _______   RipCDpara

This is a front end for the 'cdparanoia' application, which extracts (rips) tracks off audio CDs
and converts them to WAV files. It can also group several tracks into a single WAV file.

 !Shine+ _______   Shine

This is a front end for the very useful 'Shine' application, which converts
CDTrack, WAV or suitable Data files to MP3 files.



 !Basic _______   Basic

!Basic is a large program. It is essentially a front-end for Basic programmers,
together with a set of useful tools and utilities.



 !BackPics _______   BackPics

!BackPics is a program to display and control screen backdrops.
It can display Sprites, 'Squash'ed Sprites or JPEG picture files (or any mixture thereof).
It will ignore any other filetype.
It includes a set of ten Mandelbrots as default example backgrounds.

 !Clock _______ *New*    Clock

This program displays the current time as an analogue clock.
Press 'Tab' to toggle ON/OFF the 'Weekday+date' display. Default = ON.
Press 'Escape' to revert to the Desktop.

 !DeskFont _______ *New*    DeskFont

This program enables you to cycle through a sequence of 'desktop' fonts.
This sequence is listed in the textfile 'FontChoices' within the !DeskFont application directory.
It can easily be tailored to suit your own preferences.

 !Dozer _______ *New*    Dozer

This is a screensaver program.
It comes with 10 built-in 'savers' and you can also add your own if you wish.

 !MiniPics _______   MiniPics

This will create a set of minature thumbnail sprites of all the picture files held in a directory
(such as Sprite, JPEG, GIFF, Clear, TIFF, AIM, PAL etc. or, perhaps even more importantly,
'Squash' type files.)
The set of thumbnails are stored as a single sprite-file 'Miniatures' inside the sub-directory

 !ShowTime _______   ShowTime

This program displays pictures of various filetypes. Any individual Sprite, Jpeg, Png, Draw file
+ numerous file-types handled by ChangeFSI (e.g AIM, Clear, Degas, IFF, Giff, BMP, PCX,
Targa, PBMPlus, Tiff) which is dragged onto the iconbar-icon (or a current display window) will
be displayed in the correctly sized window (depending on the current zoom level). The program
will also automatically handle a 'Squash'ed version of any of the above filetypes - it will be
transparent to the user. This is quite useful.
You can also choose to have a 'SlideShow' i.e a sequence with a fixed delay between
the slides.

 !Triplet _______   Triplet

This is simply a triplet of demo graphics programs.
They are intended to just provide some light relief.

 TestPics _______   TestPics

This is a set of example pictures of various filetypes which you can use to test the
applications !MiniPics+ and !ShowTime.



 !CreateDir _______   CreateDir

This will create a new font application to which you can drag various font families.
Running this new app will then install these fonts.

 !FontAdd _______   FontAdd

This is a general purpose font utility. It will display the currently installed fonts.
You can also add fonts, remove fonts, view fonts etc.etc.

 !Fontasy _______ *New*    Fontasy

Easily install one or more fonts.
It also provides a viewer to enable the user to see what each font looks like.

 !FontMenu _______   FontMenu

This displays some text in your chosen font.
Clicking the mouse 'Menu' on the window gives a menu of all the currently installed
fonts and clicking any of these will display the text in this chosen font.

 !FontPlay _______ *New*    FontPlay

This enables you to manipulate and play around with some text in your chosen font.
You can magnify, stretch, shear, flip, rotate etc your text and even use it as a brush.
You can form all sorts of pretty patterns using just a few random characters - see the
text file 'TryThis' and the picture file 'Example' inside !FontPlay.

 !ShowFont _______   ShowFont

This displays a list of all the currently installed fonts, each one in its own font style.



 !Artist _______   Artist

This is an old painting program using 256 colours. It has a lot of tools available and
an extensive Help manual.
There are 14 included pictures - all created using the program.

 !CurveEdit _______   CurveEdit

This is purely a demo for comparing 6 different algorithms for the generation of smooth
curves (splines) through given points. It will also display tangents and enable adjustments
to the 'curvature' etc.

 !Doodle _______ *New*    Doodle

This is a simple doodling program with two drawing modes - free-hand and straight lines.
The 'width' of the drawing brush can be chosen by the user (using number keys 1-9).
We can also flood-fill arbitrary closed regions with drawing colour.

 !GT _______ *New*    GT

This is a 'toy' graphics demo of driving inside a Glass Tunnel (GT) on a route
dictated by your own Mouse movements.

 !Imager _______   Imager

This program enables you to add 'special effects' to 256 colour sprites.
These effects include Blur, Sharpen, Darken etc

 !JpegOpt _______   JpegOpt

This program optimizes JPEG files. Just drag a group of JPEG files or a Directory of files
to the iconbar-icon to start the processing. The space that is saved is displayed.

 !Mask _______ *New*    Mask

!Mask takes a (up to 16M colour) bit-map picture (sprite) and enables the user to make
'cutouts' (masks), of any desired shape, of any part (or several parts) of the picture and
paste them elsewhere on the picture.These 'cutouts' can be rotated, enlarged, stretched,
flipped etc. before plotting, and can also be used as a painting brush.

 !Mosaic _______ *New*    Mosaic

Just drag a Sprite picture (up to 16M colours) to the iconbar to generate a 'mosaic'.
You can choose between 6 different 'grades', from 'fine' to 'coarse'.

 !Portrait _______ *New*    Portrait

Drop a Sprite picture (up to 16M colours) to the icon on the iconbar.
It has 2 modes of operation -
(i) Over-Paint - i.e display the picture and then 'paint' on top of it.
(ii) Hide and See - i.e hide the picture and 'paint' to gradually reveal it.
You 'paint' using a choice of 'brushes'.

 !Scroll+ _______   Scroll

Dragging a text file onto the iconbar-icon will give a 'BIG-TEXT' scrolling display of the
contents of the text file.
The speed can be changed using the KEYBOARD number keys 1,2,...,7.

 !SprEdit _______ *New*    SprEdit

!SprEdit provides some basic editing and manipulation of a Sprite file.
The sprite can be moved bodily, streched, squeezed etc using the MOUSE.
and/or flipped, rotated, magnified etc. using various KEYS.

 !Tapestry _______ *New*    Tapestry

Just drag a sprite (up to 16M colours) to the iconbar to generate a 'tapestry'.
You can choose between Fine-stitch, Small, Medium, Coarse, Thick, Thickest.
There are 3 screen sizes - original, max-size and full screen. Any screen can be saved.
Also the 'grid' can be 'On' or 'Off'.

 TryThese _______   TryThese

This is a set of 256 colour sprites to use with the above programs.

 !Voyager _______   Voyager

This is a simple game. It is a space journey to collect data about the ringed
planets of a galaxy, by flying through the rings of each planet.

 !Zeta+ _______ *New*    Zeta

This will automatically display 'pretty wild' graphics. You can save any screen as a
Squash file to an internal directory 'Pics'. To display a directory/group of saved
screens just drag'n'drop the directory/group onto the !Zeta+ icon.



 Mandelbrots1 _______   M1

This is a collection of 30 Mandelbrots, in 3 directories (10-19, 20-29 and 30-39) of 'Squash'ed files.

 Mandelbrots2 _______   M2

This is a collection of 30 Mandelbrots, in 3 directories (40-49, 50-59 and 60-69) of 'Squash'ed files.

 Mandelbrots3 _______   M3

This is a collection of 30 Mandelbrots, in 3 directories (70-79, 80-89 and 90-99) of 'Squash'ed files.



 !2DPlot _______   2DPlot

2D-Plot is a general two-dimensional graph plotter.
There are four plotting modes:-
A) Cartesian functions Y=F(X)
B) Cartesian functions Y=F(X)
C) Parametric Functions X=X(T),Y=Y(T)
D) Polar Functions R=R(L), where L=angle.
It has an extensive help manual. Example graphs are also included.

 !3DPlot _______   3DPlot

3D-Plot is a general three-dimensional graph plotter.
It has three plotting modes - (i) Cartesian (usual X,Y,Z), (ii) Cylindrical and (iii) Spherical.
The function keys F1,...,F12 display different example functions.
It has a lot of options and an extensive help manual.
There are 12 example graphs included.

 !Contours _______   Contours

This program generates a contour map (lines of equal "height") of a 3D surface
specified as a mathematical function Z=F(X,Y).
There are nine such functions provided as examples :-  just press one of
the number keys 1,...,9.

 !Lissajou3D _______ *New*    Lissajou3D

This program displays rotating 3D spherical Lissajous (using dots or lines).
You can change both parameters and the rate of rotation (about the X,Y or Z axes).

 !Lottery _______   Lottery

This generates sets of 6 lottery numbers, chosen at random and then sorted
in ascending order.
It also generates a text file, called "Lottery", of the sets of numbers (which can
then be printed out).

 !Primes+ _______   Primes

This program has 4 options -
(i) All Primes up to a given number N.
(ii) The N-th Prime number.
(iii) All Primes in the range X to Y.
(iv) All Prime factors of a given number N.
It is seriously fast!

 !Stats+ _______   Stats

This is a general Statistics program.
It illustrates six statistical distributions, namely :-
(i) Binomial, (ii) Poisson, (iii) Normal, (iv) Student's t,
(v) Chi-squared and (vi) Fisher's distribution.
It also illustrates 'Correlation' and 'The Central limit Theorem'.
It was created for educational purposes.



 !AutoBasic _______   AutoBasic

!AutoBasic enables the automatic running of Basic programs in a Task window.
This is suitable only for Basic programs with non-graphics output.

 !BAS-Help _______   BAS-Help

!BAS-Help displays a list of all the BASIC keywords in a Desktop window.
Clicking on a keyword will display 'Help' on that keyword.

 !CD_Drawer _______   CD_Drawer

!CD_Drawer will Open / Close the CD drawer using a Mouse 'Select' click.

 !CloseOpen _______   CloseOpen

!CloseOpen will close a selection of files which have been left open for some reason.

 !DissMem _______   DissMem

This will display a 'dump' of a file in a 'text' (e.g !Edit) window
OR a 'disassembly' of that file, OR both (in 2 windows).

 !DynaKill _______   DynaKill

!DynaKill will remove a selection of dynamic areas which may have been left
active for some reason and are no longer required.

 !EditWin _______   EditWin

This displays the text output of a BASIC or OBEY file in a Text editor (!Edit) window without
using the TaskWindow method (which displays a scrolling window and is usually a lot slower).
The 'Examples' directory within !EditWin has examples of both types.

 !Enigma _______   Enigma

!Enigma will encrypt any file to form a compressed file called 'Code', with a filetype &047.
Dragging an encrypted file (of filetype &047) onto the iconbar-icon of !Enigma will
decode the file to form a file called 'DeCode'.
The 'DeCode' file is a decompressed and fully restored version of the original file.
Only !Enigma can decode these 'coded' files.

 !FileType _______ *New*    FiLeType

!FileType just displays a single window showing the small sprite icon, the hex value
and the name of each filetype known to the computer.
Its' only purpose is to display the Filetype details in a window.

 !FindIt _______ *New*    FindIt

!FindIt will find all the files/Dirs/Apps contained within a given 'Search Directory'
(or App) - including all the sub-Dirs/sub-Apps. This is subject to a supplied 'find'
constraint i.e a 'word' that has to be contained somewhere within the filename.
It also provides 'Case sensitive' and 'FileType' options.

 !Flash+ _______   Flash

!Flash+ provides a flashing caret - plus a few extras
e.g the pointer will zoom to the current position of the caret.

 !Format+ _______   Format

This program deals with text files and has two independent parts -
(i) a text-formatting part. The appropriate window will open when you click
mouse 'Select' on the Icon-Bar icon.
(ii) a text-utilities part. The appropriate window will open when you click
mouse 'Adjust' on the Icon-Bar icon.
Both parts have many options available.

 !ListDir+ _______   ListDir

Dragging a Directory (or Application) to the iconbar-icon or the 'Catalogue' window
will generate a catalogue of all its files. There are various options available.
You can also set the CSD by clicking mouse 'Adjust' on the iconbar-icon.

 !Pointer+ _______ *New*    Pointer

!Pointer simply provides a large pointer. If you run it again it reverts to the original
pointer - i.e you can toggle between a large and normal pointer, at will.

 !ReName? _______   ReName

This is a basic file renaming program. It has 3 options available.

 !RM_killer _______   RM_killer

!RM_killer provides a quick and easy way to kill any modules in RAM. Use with care!

 !SpriteOpt _______ *New*    SpriteOpt

This presents a list of 7 options for dealing with Sprite files.

 !SpritePools _______   SpritePools

This opens an internal directory 'Pools' within !Spritepools which contains both the
ROM and RAM sprite pools currently active, as well as the ToolSprites pool.

 !Squash+ _______   Squash

This application will 'Squash' any file, or group of files.
It will also reverse the process i.e it will unsquash any Squashed files.
It is a bit faster than the usual !Squash application.

 !TaskBasic _______   TaskBasic

Dragging a BASIC or OBEY file to the iconbar-icon will generate any printable output
in a TaskWindow.
This can then be saved as a Textfile, from 'Edit'.
See the 'Examples' directory for some useful examples of both types.

 !TaskKill _______   TaskKill

!TaskKill will quit a selection of tasks in one go.

 !TextBasic _______   TextBasic

This provides various options for a BASIC file to be processed and resaved either
as a text file or a BASIC file.

 !TextPrint _______   TextPrint

To print TEXT and BASIC files on an EPSON 740 printer. A lot of options are available.
It may work on other EPSON printers.

 !TextShow _______   TextShow

This program will display the contents of any Text, Obey or Basic file that is dragged to the
Icon-bar icon (or a current display window), in a font and fontsize chosen by the user.
Having large text can sometimes be quite useful.

 !Unpack _______   Unpack

This is a very useful program to unpack a compacted Basic file.
A lot of options are available. It is fast.

 !Vol+ _______ *New*    Vol

This program is a sound volume control for various music players.
Just click or drag the pointer within the blue/white slider area to change the volume
OR just click the top row of icons for Min, 25%, 50%, 75%, Max volume.
The 'Mute' option toggles Sound OFF/ON.

 !WinInfo _______   WinInfo

This program gives information on (a) all open Desktop windows, (b) Application Tasks.
Just click either mouse Select or Adjust on the iconbar icon.

 !Zipp _______ *New*    Zipp

This program is a front end to the 'zip' and 'unzip' applications and provides an
easy-to-use method of zipping any file/App/Dir and also for unzipping any Zip file.


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